Today is Prime Day, Amazon’s annual shopping event. Since Monday night, Amazon Prime members have been flooding the ecommerce giant’s website to score some of this year’s biggest deals.

Don’t worry though — if you weren’t able to do some online shopping last night, the deals are still rolling in. From a $34.99 Echo Dot to a $29.99 Fire 7, some of this year’s Prime Day deals are can’t-miss steals. However, they go above and beyond today’s popular consumer gadgets. From beauty to toys to home entertainment, there are deals in nearly every category on Amazon.

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Prime Day doesn’t stop there, either. The site is chock full of some weird and out-there price-slashed products, too. Did you know there was a solution for when your laptop gets too hot? Or how about a toaster made specifically for hot dogs? Well, if these suddenly sound like items you can’t live without, you’re in luck.

For a sampling of the strange offerings, check out these eight weird Amazon Prime Day deals.



If you own a laptop, it’s likely you’ve experienced that moment when it begins to heat up, sometimes to the point that it feels like it could burn you. Well, you’ll be happy to know, there’s a solution for that — and it’s on sale, too. The HAVIT Cooling Pad, featuring quiet fans to keep your laptop cool, is available for a discounted price today for Amazon Prime members.
Made for smelly “dudes” only, these travel-size biodegradable wipes are available on Amazon today for a discounted price. Because normal wipes just don’t cut it, DUDE Wipes are “dude sized” and part of the “DUDE” movement.
If you’re in the States, chances that you have a bidet built into your toilet bowl are slim to none. However, if you want to go euro-style, now you can — and for a discounted price, too. For Amazon Prime Day, the LUXE Bidet Seat Attachment is available. It will turn your average toilet into a luxurious, environmentally-friendly bidet.
Does your garden need some sprucing up? Look no further — here’s the ultimate product to brighten up your outdoor space. Design Toscano’s Bigfoot Garden Statue is available for a discounted price on Amazon Prime Day.
However strange it may seem, you can’t say it’s not clever. On sale for Prime Day is Robitox’s Bluetooth Beanie Hat, which features a wireless headphone headset speaker through which wearers can talk on the phone and listen to music.
Nowadays, if you can dream it, you can buy it. To make life easier so you don’t have to fire up the grill next time you’re craving a frankfurter, for Amazon Prime Day, you can get a good deal on a toaster created just for hot dogs. Nostalgia Electrics’s Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster, which cooks two regular-sized hot dogs and two buns at the same time, is on sale today.
Hygiene is extremely important — even for our furry friends. And while brushing your dog’s teeth morning and night might sound a little ridiculous, things just got even weirder. Petrodex’s Poultry-Flavored Dog Toothpaste will give your dog a delicious mouth-watering experience, and it’s on sale for Amazon Prime Day.
If you want a lavish facial experience, pamper yourself with more than just a face mask. On sale for Prime Day is First Botany’s Pure 24K Gold Mask, which promises to reduce wrinkles and blemishes and make your skin “radiant and bright” with 24k gold.

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