LONDON — Here is what we know so far about the seven people killed in an attack in London on Saturday night, when three men drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing several people in nearby Borough Market.

Six of the victims have not been publicly identified: The British government does not release the names of the dead until the post-mortems are concluded, so the identification of victims at this stage is left to the families.

Christine Archibald, 30

Christine Archibald, a 30-year-old Canadian living in the Netherlands, had come to London with her fiancé for a romantic weekend and was walking across London Bridge on Saturday when a white van veered off the road, smashing into her.


Christine Archibald

Archibald Family, via Reuters

Ms. Archibald was the first of the victims to be publicly identified, and her final moments were recounted in a Facebook post by the brother of her fiancé, Tyler Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson’s sister said Ms. Archibald died at the scene in her fiancé’s arms.

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