An elite teen surfer with Olympic aspirations has died in Barbados after slamming into a reef while surfing the swells ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival.

Zander Venezia, 16, drowned Tuesday while out with fellow pros who flew to the Caribbean island to catch the rising waves as the Category 5 monster was moving, a local surf instructor who organized the trip told the Daily News on Thursday.

Venezia, a breakout star from Bridgetown, Barbados, had been surfing the 10-foot waves for around four hours when he got pounded by a huge “closeout” set while paddling back out, instructor Alan Burke said.

“It picked him up and sucked him under. We are presuming he hit bottom because he had bruises on his shoulder and neck. He was knocked unconscious,” Burke told The News, explaining he was not at the scene but is a close family friend.

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He said an autopsy found Venezia had water in his lungs and died from drowning, not a broken neck as first thought.