North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile is a “monster” that’s larger and more powerful than previous ones capable of reaching the U.S., analysts say.

Vipin Narang, an associate professor at MIT who focuses on nuclear strategies, told NPR that the North’s “monster” missile launched on Wednesday could carry a powerful thermonuclear weapon.


Kim Jong Un’s regime previously tested two “Hwasong-14” missiles in July.


But what’s most concerning is the details about the missile’s engines and the weight of the warhead it’s carrying, David Wright, a rocket expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, told the news outlet.

He also believes a nuclear warhead launched by the North Koreans could reach the U.S.

The North Korea standoff will get worse

“I think at this point they could,” Wright said.

In September, the North tested a nuclear weapon that was nearly as powerful as the bomb dropped in Hiroshima, Japan.


North Korea’s nuclear celebrations

The North said Wednesday’s missile was a “Hwasong-15” ICBM, which reached an altitude of 2,780 miles and flew for 53 minutes before dropping into the Sea of Japan.

The regime previously tested two “Hwasong-14” missiles in July.

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