A stolen laptop belonging to a young girl who died from cancer was recovered after the teen’s mother issued a heartfelt plea for its return.

Daisy Elbrow, of Bournemouth, England, died just five days after her 15th birthday from renal cell carcinoma, according to Dorset Police.

Elbrow spent seven months battling the tumor in her kidney, during which time she saved photos and other keepsakes on the MacBook — which was purchased through a raffle organized by the hospital.

When her mother Natalie Elbrow was saying goodbye to Daisy four days after her death, burglars broke into their home and made off with the computer.


A laptop belonging to Daisy Elbrow (c.) was stolen from their home while her mother (second l.) was saying goodbye to the teen four days after her death. Pictured left and right are Daisy’s sisters.


A pair of earrings and an Xbox were also stolen.

“(Daisy) spent more time in hospital than out and that laptop meant everything to her,” Natalie Elbrow said. “She was so weak that she was forced to spend most days in bed and it gave her a portal to the outside world. It had all her things on it and all her photos. It meant so much to Daisy and I desperately want it back.”

Following the appeal, a member of the public turned the laptop in to police, saying it was sold to them under suspicious circumstances, according to BBC.


Daisy Elbrow (l.) spent seven months battling the tumor in her kidney, during which time her laptop served as a portal to the outside world.


The photos of Daisy are said to still be on the laptop.

Two people have been charged in connection to the incident.


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