He’s a real Pablo Escobark.

Officials say one of Ireland’s top greyhounds has tested positive for cocaine.

The BBC reports that after Clonbrien Hero took first place at the Irish Laurels final in Cork in July, the dog also managed to score top marks on not one but three separate drug tests.

Traces of the banned substance benzoylecgonine were discovered in Clonbrien Hero’s urine.

Olympic medalist’s smooching with girlfriend caused failed test


Clonbrien Hero, Irish champion greyhound and real life Spuds MacKenzie

(Riverside Kennels/Youtube)

Benzoylecgonine is the compound that drug tests look for to indicate cocaine use.

Accordingly, the Irish Greyhound Board is withholding prize money and has banned the four-legged Lance Armstrong from competitions until it can pass a test.

The dog’s trainer claims the substance was ingested on accident.

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