A champion matador was killed in France Saturday when a bull gored him during a fight.

Ivan Fandino was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to reports.

The 36-year-old Spanish national was fighting in Aire Su L’Adour, a city in southwestern France.

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The bull was pictured goring Fandino’s right side and throwing him in the air.

(IROZ GAIZKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Photos of the scene showed Fandino stabbed in the right side by the bull’s horn and thrown in the air.

Spanish matador gored in same eye he lost to bull five years ago

Other matadors were seen holding Fandino up as he winces in pain.

Fandino was an award-winning bullfighter.

Fandino was an award-winning bullfighter.

(IROZ GAIZKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Fandino started bullfighting when he was 14, and has won multiple awards over the last decade.


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