A Southwest Airlines plane filled with passengers appears to have skidded off a taxiway at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Maryland on Wednesday morning.

According to social media posts from passengers, the Jamaica-bound flight was taxiing to the runway when it skidded off into the grass. A passenger on the plane also claimed that the pilot attributed the incident to an “icy spot” on the taxiway, though she didn’t believe that explanation.

“What was pilot thinking? Hitting the throttle before making the turn with only grass in front of him?!” wrote Instagram user Donna Edmonds.

Facebook user Todd Miller further confirmed that emergency crews were “everywhere” in a post he shared shorly before 11 a.m., which also contained a photo of what appeared to be a Southwest plane slumped on its nose.

The second time a commercial plane skidded off a runway or taxiway in recent months, following the Pegasus Airlines flight that skidded down a small cliff after landing at a Turkish airport in January.



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