Mr. Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, has a similar approach toward reusable rockets. Blue Origin has not yet finished its New Glenn rocket, which will take payloads to orbit, but it has been testing and launching a smaller vehicle, known as New Shepard, that will take space tourists on a short up-and-down ride to the edge of space.


Mr. Chang preparing for work in his home in Jersey City. SpaceX, he said, is good at showing video from its rockets.

Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

Do you have a favorite space app or a piece of technology for covering space?

I don’t use any space-specific apps. But the interconnectedness of everything today is awesome.

Early one morning a few years ago, I interviewed astronauts on the International Space Station while sitting at my kitchen counter. Just oldfangled technology: a landline telephone. But it’s something that I wouldn’t have imagined possible 20 years ago. It’s easier than ever to connect Point A to Point B even when Point B is 250 miles up, speeding at 17,000 miles per hour.

Rocket launches are routinely webstreamed now. And I can watch a launch on my phone while going to pick up my family at the airport, as I did this month when the latest cargo rocket, an Orbital ATK Antares rocket, headed to the space station. SpaceX has gotten really good at showing video from its rockets, even the boosters descending back to Earth.