Are “X-Men” fans ready to return to the Wasteland?

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Alex Alonso introduced the creators working on the merry mutants during “Marvel Legacy: X-Men” panel at New York Comic Con 2017.

Alonso suggested that “Old Man Hawkeye” is the “Better Call Saul” to “Old Man Logan’s” “Breaking Bad.”

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Sacks (l.) is writing the new limited series “Old Man Hawkeye.”

(Frank Posillico)

The new series, which will last 12 issues, is set five years before the original, where Hawkeye has adjusted to his lack of sight and found a sense of purpose in the Wasteland.

Marvel reveals comic book prequel series ‘Old Man Hawkeye’

“We see him in a different place, he’s starting to lose his sight,” said Ethan Sacks, writer of “Old Man Hawkeye.” “He’s on a quest for vengeance.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson laughs with the audience at the 'Star Talk Radio' panel during day one of the 2017 New York Comic Con on Oct. 5, 2017. The four-day pop culture and 'nerd culture' festival runs from Oct. 5-8, 2017.

New York Comic Con 2017

Sacks, a former Daily News entertainment writer, later noted that his favorite “X-Men” character is Cyclops.

Attendees were also teased with the prospect of previously unseen Wasteland versions of classic villains.

"Old Man Hawkeye" #1.

“Old Man Hawkeye” #1.

(Marco Checchetto/Marvel)

Fans were teased more details about the upcoming resurrection of Jean Grey and the announcements of a 5-issue “Legion” miniseries by writer Peter Milligan and artist Wilfredo Torres, “Rogue & Gambit” by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, and “X-Men: Grand Design” by Ed Piskor.

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Two lucky panel attendees were chosen to check out some preview pages of “Grand Design,” which will condense decades of “X-Men” history into a 6-issue miniseries.

“Old Man Hawkeye” #1 hits shelves in January.

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