Madiha Imam’s Bollywood debut is out and she is ecstatic to say the least.

VJ-turned-actress, Madiha Imam bagged a leading role in veteran actress, Monisha Koirala’s comeback film across the border, Dear Maya which is helmed by first-time director, Sunaina Bhatnagar, only after a handful of acting assignments on local television.

All set to star in Mehreen Jabbar’s upcoming Eid telefilm, Madiha speaks to Images from the sets about her film debut and more. Excerpts follow:

Images: Unlike other Pakistani actors’ debut across the border, we weren’t aware of yours until Dear Maya’s trailer came out. Why did you choose to keep it so low-key?

Madiha Imam:

A lot of people have been asking me that.

I think I’ve never really been very vocal about my projects.

Whenever an offer comes my way and I feel I can comfortably perform and would creatively enjoy the process, I take it up.

Be it a music channel or an acting assignment, as long as I get to explore myself, I take it up.

That’s how I took this offer as well.

I never took it as an ‘Indian’ film. I calculated what good it would do for me and I simply said yes.

It’s funny now that I think of it because I understand the need of spreading the news, but I guess I didn’t really feel the need to tell the world when it was in the process of becoming.

However, I wasn’t really hiding it either; my colleagues from Pakistan knew I had shot for a film across the border last year.