• Day 2 of the criminal trial of Bill Cosby will focus on the accusations made by the complainant, Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee who says he drugged and sexually assaulted her at his home outside Philadelphia.

• When Ms. Constand will testify remains unclear, but the defense made it apparent Monday that its cross-examination of her will be an aggressive effort to undermine her credibility.

• The opening witness for the prosecution on Monday was something of a surprise — a woman, Kelly Johnson, who said Mr. Cosby had also drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1996.

• The defense also spoke in its opening statement of previously undisclosed telephone records that show Ms. Constand called Mr. Cosby 53 times, some calls lasting half an hour or more, after the incident in 2004 at his home in Cheltenham.


Bill Cosby arriving Monday at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

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When to introduce the testimony of Ms. Constand remains a strategic decision.

After the decision by prosecutors to put a second accuser, Kelly Johnson, on the stand on Monday, they must now decide when to introduce Ms. Constand herself and other key evidence — deposition testimony by Mr. Cosby in 2005 when he admitted to obtaining quaaludes to have sex with women. Ms. Johnson’s account was known — she had come forward in 2015 — but many had thought she would testify after Ms. Constand, not before.

Brian J. McMonagle, Mr. Cosby’s lawyer, tried to discredit Ms. Johnson’s account, in which she said Mr. Cosby, a client of her boss, an agent at the William Morris Agency in Los Angeles, had given her a large white pill and then sexually assaulted her. Her complaint, which Mr. Cosby denies, did not surface until 2015 because — Ms. Johnson testified — she was afraid to come forward.


Kelly Johnson, left, with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, at a 2015 news conference held by three women who accused Mr. Cosby of sexual abuse.

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Monday’s court session ended with some squabbling over new witnesses to appear.

The prosecution is looking to introduce two new witnesses, who could take the stand early Tuesday. They are Ms. Johnson’s mother, and a lawyer from the time Ms. Johnson was working for William Morris. It is not clear what they might talk about, though prosecutors always like to present corroborating evidence, which might include people who heard Ms. Johnson complain about Mr. Cosby many years ago.

The prosecution also plans to call a drugs expert and an expert on the behavior of sexual assault victims, although it is not clear when they will appear.

Some of the other people who have accused Mr. Cosby of sexual assault, Therese Serignese, Victoria Valentino and Lili Bernard, were in the courthouse on Monday. They said they would return on Tuesday.

Ms. Bernard, one of more than 40 women who say they were sexually assaulted by Mr. Cosby, said she cried at times when she heard Ms. Johnson’s testimony.

“The reason I cried was that when she was describing the impact of the drugging, I related to it,” Ms. Bernard told reporters outside the court. “The things which I was hearing her speak of were similar symptoms that I endured from the drugging.”

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