Stomp contributor Hong was on board a Light Rail Transit (LRT) train that collided with the train in front of it at 7.08pm today (July 3) on the Sengkang LRT Line.

The Stomp contributor said the train she was on had started to come to an abrupt stop to lessen the impact of the collision.

“The collision’s impact was 25 per cent to 30 per cent,” said Hong.

She said that some people who were not holding on to the bars or grab-handles fell down from the impact.

“One woman fell on me and I quickly held her to stop her from falling.

“Everyone was able to recover and thankfully, no one was hurt.

Photo: Stomp

Hong said that the two trains were stuck for about 15 minutes, with the lights dimmed and the air-conditioning switched off.

She said that just as it was getting warm, both trains started to move at a really slow speed towards Renjong station, where the passengers got off safely.

“There was a single elderly station staffer who was waving and smiling at us,” said Hong.

“When we went down to take the bus, I asked the driver if it was ok that we don’t tap our EZ-Link cards.

“However, the driver informed us that he had received no such instructions, so we had to pay the normal fare for the bus ride.”

Stomp has reached out to SBS Transit for comment.

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