Take your umbrellas and raincoats when heading out this month. Thundery showers are expected in the first two weeks of October, the Meteorological Service Singapore said yesterday.

This is due to inter-monsoon conditions, with low-level winds from the south-east or south-west. After the fortnight, winds are expected to be light and variable in direction.

Thundery showers are forecast on six to eight days of the fortnight, mostly in the late morning and afternoon. Rain may continue till the evening on a few days. Rainfall is likely to be above the usual.

While the daily temperature on most days will be between 24 deg C and 33 deg C, there could be a few days when the daily maximum could hit 34 deg C and the minimum could fall to 22 deg C.

Last month, south-west monsoon conditions prevailed. The hot weather contributed to strong solar heating of the land, which, coupled with the convergence of winds, brought above-average rainfall to many parts of Singapore.

The highest rainfall of 320.2mm – which is 68 per cent above average – was recorded in Jurong. Rainfall was lowest in the east, with 124.4mm – 22 per cent below average – recorded in Changi.

Daily maximum temperature reached hit 34.9 deg C, while the lowest daily minimum temperature recorded dipped to 21.9 deg C.

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