SINGAPORE – The Tiger Sky Tower in Sentosa reopened on Saturday (Nov 25), after a technical malfunction in August this year forced its suspension from operations.

Tourists visiting the island seem undeterred by the incident which left 39 people stranded in the gondola at the 25m mark for four hours after a drive unit that raises and lowers the gondola overheated and broke.

Mr Saad Aldhuwayan, 37, an engineer visiting the island with his wife and three young children said: “We actually came to Sentosa to ride this tower, and for the other attractions. We heard the ride was shut down for maintenance but when we arrived today, we were happy to see that it was operating.”

Ms Mary Clear, 65, a retired nurse from the United Kingdom, was told about the incident by her tour group guide. But she went on the ride anyway.

The ride, launched in 2004, reaches a height of 110m. It can ferry up to 72 passengers to the top via the enclosed, air-conditioned gondola.

The seven-minute ride, which costs adults $18, affords views of Sentosa, Singapore, and parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The attraction saw a steady stream of customers on its first day back.

Tiger Sky Tower at Sentosa ascending on its first day back in operation since its closure in Aug 2017. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

While Mr Ken Lee, Sky Tower’s general manager, declined to reveal the number of customers on Saturday, he said it was heartening that the ride is back in action.

Mr Lee said: “I expect that business will be slow for a start, as it will take time for news of the reopening to reach everyone.”

The Building and Construction Authority had given written permission on Nov 21 for the Sky Tower to resume operations after it inspected the repairs and rectification measures by the company.

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