SINGAPORE – Employers will be able to check the work status of their foreign staff more easily using new work pass cards and a mobile application introduced by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

A work pass card is an identification for foreigners working here. It contains their employment information.

The new work pass comes with a QR code that can be scanned with the new mobile application, SGWorkPass. The app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App store and Google Play.

In a statement on Tuesday (Sept 5), MOM said that the new work pass card and mobile app will provide employers and stakeholders with a more reliable and convenient way of checking on the updated work status of foreign employees. By scanning the card’s QR code with their smartphones, they can also verify information such as the expiry date of the pass and the person’s occupation.

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Currently, service providers, premise owners and stakeholders rely on the date of expiry printed on the work pass card as proof of the employee’s status, before entering into a contract with the pass holder or allowing them entry into a certain place.

However, a foreigner’s employment may be cancelled before his work pass expires due to reasons such as resignation or restructuring of the company. The date of expiry printed on the work pass card may not always reflect the most updated status of the cardholder.

MOM will issue the new work pass card in phases, starting with work permit holders in the Marine Shipyard and Construction sector from Sept 15, followed by other work pass holders in the coming months.


Existing work pass cards will remain valid. Pass holders will receive their new cards when they renew their work passes.

With this change, MOM said they will discontinue the printing of variable information, such as date of expiry, on work pass cards, since the information will be readily available on the mobile app.

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