SINGAPORE – A KFC delivery rider and a Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer braved the torrential rain and lightning on Monday (Oct 9) night to clear a huge branch that had fallen from a roadside tree in Sixth Avenue.

Mr Gary Guan, 43, was driving from Novena back home to Buona Vista when he came across the incident at about 10.45pm.

“It was raining heavily. When I turned into Sixth Avenue, there was a huge traffic jam, which was unusual.

“Some cars turned back, but I just inched forward. Then I realised there was a huge tree branch blocking both sides of the road,” he told The Straits Times on Tuesday morning.

Mr Guan, who works in the IT industry, said he saw three buses in front of him with their hazard lights turned on, and initially thought the buses had broken down.

He said there were bus stops on both sides of the single-lane road, and there were buses lined up on the other side too.

“At about 10.55pm, this KFC dude came along on his bike. Maybe he was making a delivery in the area. He parked next to the tree, then came down from his bike and started using his bare hands to move the tree,” said Mr Guan.

“At first he was trying to pull down the entire branch from the tree, but then changed his plan and started to break the branches into smaller parts.”

An LTA officer came along a few minutes later and the two men worked together to try to clear at least one side of the road so vehicles could pass, added Mr Guan.

The delivery rider and an LTA officer helped to clear a huge branch that had fallen from a roadside tree along Sixth Avenue. PHOTO: GARY GUAN

“The KFC delivery rider could have squeezed through that narrow path, as he was on a small vehicle, but instead risked his own safety. There was lightning and it was a heavy storm, and also the tree was a lightning conductor.”

Mr Guan said he turned on his car’s high beam to provide light for the duo as they worked. He eventually drove off at about 11.05pm.

The Straits Times understands that the tree was eventually cleared by the authorities at 11.30pm.

The Meteorological Service Singapore had said that thundery showers were to be expected in the first two weeks of this month, with rainfall likely to be above the usual.

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