SINGAPORE – The maid who is a suspect in the double murder of an elderly couple in Bedok was arrested in a hotel in Jambi – a province in Indonesia – on Tuesday night (June 27).

According to a report on Indonesian news portal Tribrata News, Indonesian Khasanah, 41, admitted to the police that she killed Mr Chia Ngim Fong, 79, and Madam Chin Sek Fah, 78.

Indonesian police reportedly acted on a tip-off and tracked Khasanah to an Internet cafe, where she was seen looking at online news reports about herself.

Officers then followed her to the hotel she was staying at and arrested her.

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Khasanah was found to have various valuables in her possession, including money in eight different currencies, mobile phones and jewellery.

The police found one laptop, one computer keyboard, five watches and three mobile phones, as well as jewellery including a ring, a jade bangle and a gold necklace.

She had Singapore dollars, Indonesian rupiah, American dollars and other currencies amounting to S$256.

The Straits Times (ST) had earlier reported that money and valuables were missing from the elderly couple’s flat.

The bodies of Mr Chia and Madam Chin were found in their five-room executive flat at Block 717, Bedok Reservoir Road, last Wednesday (June 21).

Khasanah had been working for them for about a month.

ST understands that the couple were found with their hands tied with raffia string. Mr Chia was discovered in the master bedroom with blood stains on his body, while Madam Chin was found in a bathroom with injuries to her neck.

Khasanah was believed to have taken a ferry to Batam last week.

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