SINGAPORE – How many pets can a Housing Board flat take? Nearly 100 cats and hundreds of mice, as recent cases of animal hoarding showed.

When it was reported on Tuesday (June 27) that 94 cats had been found in a three-room unit in Sengkang, many were shocked.

Often, but not always, the animals are found in bad physical and health conditions.

Tampines: ‘hundreds’ of mice

Mr Derrick Tan of Voices for Animals found hundreds of mice in a flat on April 22, 2017. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/DERRICK TAN

A woman and her son started with three fancy mice and ended up with hundreds a few years later.

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Voices for Animals helped to rescue dozens of the animals from the Tampines flat in April 2017.

There were also 23 rabbits and some love birds sharing the house with the mice.

Woodlands: 45 cats

Of the 45 cats, 30 are at a cat shelter and five have been fostered out. PHOTO: CAT WELFARE SOCIETY

This family moved to a bigger house and hired a maid to help take care of their cats, but they were threatened with eviction if they kept the animals.

The 45, all of whom have names, were sent to cat shelter or fostered out, it was reported in January.

The family kept 10 animals, but planned to put up more for adoption.

Yishun: 39 cats

The 39 cats were found by AVA officers kept in dirty cages in the flat in Yishun. PHOTOS: AVA

Roslina Roslani was sentenced to two weeks’ jail last November for her failure to care for her 39 pet cats.

The felines at her Yishun home were all in poor physical condition and health.

Four died later due to underlying medical conditions, while another had to be euthanised due to bad health.

Chun Tin Road: 30 dogs

Some of the rescued dogs undergoing health checks. PHOTO: AVA

The owner of a pet grooming school, Low Chong Kiat, was jailed six weeks for abandoning 18 pedigree dogs in September last year.

He kept about 30 dogs in the basement of a shop at Chun Tin Road after his pet breeding business closed down.

When he was told he could not keep the dogs there by the authorities, he abandoned 18 dogs in various locations around Singapore.

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