SINGAPORE – CapitaLand offered a first look at what will soon join the list of Singapore’s tallest buildings: an upcoming office tower on the Golden Shoe Car Park site in the Central Business District.

The property developer on Thursday (July 13) said the tower will have 51 storeys, clocking in at a whopping 280m in height.

This is nearly as high as Singapore’s tallest building to date, the 290m-high Tanjong Pagar Centre.

Here are five of Singapore’s tallest skyscrapers, all in the CBD.

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1. Tanjong Pagar Centre (290m)


With offices, a hotel, residential apartments, a mall and a park, it’s no wonder that Tanjong Pagar Centre was the first building in 20 years to overtake UOB Plaza, One Raffles Place and Republic Plaza to become Singapore’s tallest building.

At 64 storeys tall and 290m high, the centre overtook the next tallest buildings in Singapore by 10m.

Facade of Tanjong Pagar Centre. PHOTO: GUOCOLAND SINGAPORE

It is also located right above the Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Did you know: The asking price for a three-storey penthouse located in the building reached $100 million as of Thursday (July 13), making it a likely contender for Singapore’s most expensive apartment yet.

2. UOB Plaza 1 (280m)

UOB Plaza Tower and OCBC Centre in CBD, shot from the Equinox Complex, Level 70 at Swissotel The Stamford. ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE

One of the twin towers that comprise the United Overseas Bank (UOB) Plaza, construction on UOB Plaza One was completed in 1992.

The 66-storey tower namely houses the UOB headquarters, but has other amenities such as an art gallery and Chinese restaurant Si Chuan Dou Hua on the 60th floor.

Did you know: The Moulana Mohamed Ali Mosque is located in the basement. First opened 64 years ago on Market Street, the mosque moved to UOB Plaza 1 in 1981.

After it underwent a $1.3-million upgrade in 2014, it now occupies around 603 sq m in the building’s basement, with facilities such as a spacious prayer room and ablution areas.

3. One Raffles Place Tower One (280m)

Artist’s impression of One Raffles Place Tower Two, an office building that was officially opened on Sept 18, 2012. PHOTO: ONE RAFFLES PLACE

Formerly known as the Overseas Union Bank (OUB) Centre, the 280m-tall tower was, at the time it was completed in 1986, the tallest building in the world outside of North America. Designed by award-winning Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, the tower sits atop the Raffles Place MRT station.

Did you know: In 2000, the tower made international news when Frenchman Alain Robert, known for scaling tall structures, was stopped by police on the 23rd floor when he attempted to climb the building .

4. Republic Plaza (280m)

The 66-storey-high tower bagged the biggest office leasing deal in 1995, when Dutch-based bank Rabobank took up four floors at Republic Plaza. PHOTO: CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED

Completed in 1995, office building Republic Plaza shared the title of “tallest building” in Singapore with One Raffles Place Tower One and UOB Plaza before Tanjong Pagar Centre dethroned the three.

The 66-storey-high tower bagged the biggest office leasing deal in 1995, when Dutch-based bank Rabobank took up four floors at Republic Plaza.

Did you know: With 66 floors to serve, the elevators at Republic Plaza are designed as “double-deck lifts”, where two stacked cars occupy one lift shaft. This allows people to board at odd and even floors simultaneously.

5. Capital Tower (255m)

 The building of Capital Tower, framed by trees, stands tall in the Central Business District (CBD). PHOTO: ST FILE

A high-end members-only club, an indoor golf venue, a fitness centre and an office building – Capital Tower has managed to combine them all, while being one of the tallest skyscrapers in the country.

Standing at 255m, the 52-storey tower was completed in 2000, and is linked to Tanjong Pagar MRT station via an underground pedestrian network.

Did you know: The building also features works of art by sculptors from across the globe, such as Gao Xiaowu from China and Kurt Lauren Metzler from Switzerland.

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