HANGZHOU – A seven-year-old boy’s muscular physique has stirred an online debate among Chinese netizens.

Photos of Chen Yi, who sports an impressive eight-pack, went viral after he won a clutch of medals – six golds and a silver – at a gymnastics competition in China’s eastern Zhejiang province over the weekend.

According to his mother, Ms Zhang Hongyu, her son displayed unusual strength since he was born. He started walking when he was 11 months old, and was able to do one-arm pull-ups by the time he was two.

Local media reported that the boy started training to be a gymnast two years ago.

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He trains at a gymnastics school near his home five days a week, with the training described by Ms Zhang as”tough and intensive”.

Expressing her delight at Chen Yi’s achievements, she added: “My son said he wanted to get many gold medals in the future and buy cars and apartments for his dad and me.”

Chen Yi displaying his impressive skills, which have earned praise from netizens. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

The boy’s favourite food is dumplings, which Ms Zhang prepares for him when he returns home during the weekends. He can eat as many as 13 dumplings in one sitting.

While netizens were awed by Chen Yi’s commitment to training, some questioned if he was still too young to be pushed so hard.

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